Camp Wildwood For Men - July 19-23, 2017


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 Coming Alive to Our Senses

 July 19 – 23, 2017

 Facilitated by Collin Brown

 “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive” Howard Thurman

 Camp Wildwood is designed to help you come alive: to your senses, your body, a brotherhood of queer men, and the extraordinary natural beauty of Wildwood. Join us for a five-day summer camp experience that will nourish your capacity to feel more alive, cultivate the joy and delight of being in your body, and create a supportive community of gay brothers. We will use ritual, movement, massage, and the exquisite beauty of Wildwood’s natural surroundings to weave together a community experience that will encourage deeper levels of connection and self-awareness. When we have permission to be more authentically ourselves, we open our potential for greater joy, aliveness and pleasure.

 Don’t miss this opportunity to experience a summer camp where your body, mind, heart and spirit are fully welcomed and nourished. Learn to give and receive full body massage that will expand your erotic repertoire and provide basic skills to enhance your capacity for pleasure. Who could you be in the world if you deepened your capacity to love yourself unconditionally? If you come to Camp Wildwood, prepare to fall more deeply in love with yourself, your life, and your sense of belonging in the world. It’s that simple and that profound.

 We will come alive in heart circles, by swimming, hiking, enjoying delicious, nourishing food, and having fun in the company of other kindred spirits. Camp Wildwood is open to men who love men of all ages: queer, transgendered, bi, curious and gay. While no previous experience is required, we ask that you be open to exploring nudity, erotic rituals, and your relationship to the natural world. Our days will be full and we will have space to relax and enjoy our surroundings.


The cost of Camp Wildwood (Early registration prices, if registered by 5/19/17):

(all prices increase by $100 if registering after 5/19/17)

Semi-Private Guest House Accommodations:                       $895

Couple’s Guest House Room:                                                $1,119 (per person, double occupancy)

Tent Platforms (tent, cot/linens provided by Wildwood)        $750

Four person rooms (two queen beds, without bathroom):     $750

Self-Camping (bring your own tent), and commuters            $595

 We will begin with dinner on Wednesday, July 19, and finish with lunch on Sunday the 23rd.

 Collin Brown is an erotic educator, life coach, and wilderness guide. He teaches for the Body Electric School and guides wilderness quests for queer men at The School of Lost Borders. He founded the Wildwood Conservation Foundation in 1999 and served as its first president of the board of directors. He’s delighted  to be part of Camp Wildwood and looks forward to supporting the development of programming by and for the Wildwood community.


**IT IS VERY IMPORTANT to book one "sleeping space" for each person in your party. **

Since our computer software has to be "fooled" to work for reservations rather than items for sale, we know this can be confusing.  When making a reservation for one person in one bed, make a reservation for one person, then click the "continue shopping" button and go back to make a second one person reservation for the next person, etc.  When making a reservation for a couple in one bed, you will just use a quantity of "1" but the reservation will be made for one couple (2 people).  The price adjustment for the double/queen/king bed will already include the price for the second person.

When you check out, you can pay for all the bookings at once.  You can use your credit card or print it out and send a check.

PLEASE use this reservation system as it helps the office stay more organized with who is coming and who has paid.  If you must mail a check, please do so right away.  Reservations not paid within a week may be released.

Private rooms will not be available for this event at this time.  If we find that could be an option at 30 days prior, we could then open up that option as an add on to your previous reservation.

Rooms are normally double occupancy unless other arrangements are made in advance.  Rooms 15 and 16 will hold 4 people per room, all other rooms and tents are two people per room.

Price includes lodging, food, meeting spaces, pool, hot tub and parking.

Specific Rooms and Tents requested on reservation are not guaranteed, but we'll do our best to accommodate your wishes.  ALL ROOMS ARE NON-SMOKING.  There is an outside deck designated for smoking.

For the Dietary Restrictions and Addtional Comments:  "None" is an acceptable answer if there are none.

Extra nights booked before and/or after the event will not offer programming but are intended for relaxation, hiking, meditation, etc.  Meals on these additional days will not be included and guests will need to provide for themselves using the guest kitchenette in the dining room.  The main kitchen is only available to Wildwood staff. 

No pets please, as is our usual policy.

Camp Wildwood For Men - July 19-23, 2017
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