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A flourishing community partnership helps care for Wildwood

Center for Sacred Studies

Community partnerships at Wildwood have created relationships between groups who have missions that align with the Wildwood Conservation Foundation and our retreat center. These relationships foster growth for Wildwood and support for the diverse communities who choose to make Wildwood their home. One community we are very pleased to partner with is the Kayumari community brought to us through the Center for Sacred Studies. The blue deer is the symbol for Kayumari and they believe that "where the blue deer walks, healthy communities grow." The blue deer lead them from their former home in the Sierra Nevadas to Guerneville and to Wildwood. 

Since then, Wildwood has become a home for Kayumari sacred ceremony and for the teaching of CSS with Stargate and their Ministry Training Program. A handful of Wildwood staff, volunteers and members have participated in these events, holding space for both communities. Today, Kayumari takes another step by sharing the stewardship of Wildwood's special land by choosing to become members of Wildwood. Kayumari in the Redwoods, will represent this special partnership. As Wildwood members, the Kayumari community will also have member weekends to enjoy the property and contribute to its caretaking through special projects. One weekend each year will be a weekend for both of our communities to get to know each other better and share our love for Wildwood's beauty and sacred energy.

If you are a member of the Kayumari community ready to join Wildwood, please visit our donation page. Membership is $150 per person, $300 per family. Your contribution to the Wildwood Conservation Foundation 501(c)3  is fully tax-deductible. Become a member of the Wildwood Community. 

Members are able to attend member only events throughout the year, receive additional information about the board and financials, and receive discounts to some Wildwood sponsored events.

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