Men's Festival - Sept 13-16,2018


13th Annual Men's Festival

Wildwood Fall Men's Festival 2018 ~ The Road Home

Sept 13-16, 2018


Wildwood's 200+ acres of forests, meadows and stream call you to join like-minded men loving men* for 4 days / 3 nights of community together. The magical moments in life are ones that surprise, fascinate, charm, inspire and enchant us.


*Wildwood's Men's Festival welcomes all who identify as men -- queer, trans, gay and straight allies.   We also host mixed and queer gender events throughout the year.  Please visit our website and Facebook page for more information.


This is our 13th Annual Men's Festival! 


The situation with the road presents us with a metaphor to ponder...  For each of us, our “home” might be thought of as our personal identity. Wildwood has played an important role in many men's sense of self.  Personal transformations have taken place at Wildwood in events with Body Electric, Human Awareness Institute, Men's Festivals, Member Retreats and many, many more.


Personal growth is a continuing process; we never completely arrive. We expand ourselves, much like we redecorate our homes. Sometimes bit by bit, sometimes with dramatic change.


Some workshops will be reflective and look at how we have become who we are, changes in our sense of self/home. Some will be playful, fun, sexy, set in nature... 


Other workshops might encourage us to think outside of our current home comfort level.  Have we settled too soon and short of our potential?  The road we take, forks in the road, choices we make, roads we follow in life.  Do you choose safety or adventure?


Ritual, tribe, movement, experience the land, hang by the pool, enjoy the fresh air, and lots of opportunity to explore you, going as deep as you want to.  As always, all activities are optional. Feel free to just lounge in a hammock with a good book or take in a view with a friend.




Wildwood Welcomes You Home!


The cost of Mens Festival 2018 (Early registration prices, if registered by 8/1/18):

(all prices increase if registering after 8/1/18)

Semi-Private Guest House Accommodations:                       $495

Couple’s Guest House Room:                                                $695 (per person, double occupancy)

Tent Cabin:  (One queen bed, linens, without bathroom)    $895/couple

Tent Platforms (tent, cot/linens provided by Wildwood)        $395

Four person rooms (two queen beds, without bathroom):     $795/couple

Self-Camping (bring your own tent), and commuters            $300

 We will begin with dinner on Thursday, Sept 13, and finish with lunch on Sunday.


**IT IS VERY IMPORTANT to book one "sleeping space" for each person in your party. **

Since our computer software has to be "fooled" to work for reservations rather than items for sale, we can only book one person at a time.  Make a reservation for one person, then click the "continue shopping" button and go back to make a second one person reservation for the next person, etc.  Of course, the exception is when you are booking a queen bed the charge covers both people.

When you check out, you can pay for all the bookings at once.  You can use a credit card or print it out and mail it in with your check

PLEASE use this reservation system as it helps the office stay more organized with who is coming and who has paid.  If you must mail a check, please do so right away.  Reservations not paid within a week may be released.

Private rooms will not be available for this event due to high demand.

Rooms are normally double occupancy unless other arrangements are made in advance.  Rooms 15 and 16 will hold 4 people per room, all other rooms and tents are two people per room.

Price includes lodging, food, meeting spaces, pool, hot tub and parking.NEW TENT CABINS with Queen Bed & Porch

Tent Cabins:The tent cabins have a canopy above a canvas room 10 feet x 10 fett.  It is equipped with a queen bed with bedding and towels, a light, and an electrical connection for CPAP, charging phones, etc.  Flashlights are recommended when staying in these areas.  Shared bath a short walk from the tent cabin.  The front porch becomes a nice place to sit and enjoy nature.

Platform tents include padded cots, linens, towels and lantern. There is a discount if you bring your own tent and linens, and a discount for locals who require no lodging.

Specific Rooms and Tents requested on reservation are not guaranteed, but we'll do our best to accommodate your wishes.  ALL ROOMS & TENTS ARE NON-SMOKING.  There is an outside deck designated as the only smoking area.

For the Dietary Restrictions and Addtional Comments:  "None" is an acceptable answer if there are none.

Extra nights booked before and/or after the event will not offer programming but are intended for relaxation, hiking, meditation, etc.  Meals will be your own responsibility for days before or after the event.  Guests shall not use our kitchen, but the kitchenette in the dining room is available for guest use.

Rooms 9 and 14 have verbal smoke alarms for those who are sight impaired.  Room 11 is equipped with grab bars for those who need them.  For other disability accommodation needed, please call the office at 707-632-5200 to discuss how we can best accommodate your needs.



Men's Festival - Sept 13-16,2018
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