Men's Weekend June 2019

June 07-09, 2019 Men's Weekend 


Men's Weekend

Friday, June 07 - Sunday, June 09, 2019 

Men's weekends are unstructured events which may be self-organized. Use common areas for group massage exchange, life drawing or other activities. Games in the lodge. Hot tubbing. A hike on one of our trails among our gorgeous 210 acres! We will be sharing the property with Positive Being, so some areas may be restricted to Wildwood members.

~ ALL men are welcome -- all self-identified men who love men.

~ Discounts for Wildwood Members


Arrival/Registration begins 4pm, Friday - Closing Lunch 12:30pm Sunday

Optional extra night - dinner Sunday through breakfast Monday (extra charge applies)


$243.00 per person registration includes five meals, and lodging based on shared occupancy (extra long twin bed, with pillow, towel, blankets, linens). Discounts for self-camping (bring your own tent) or communal sleeping in the yurt (foam futon provided, bring your own linens and blankets). Several queen beds, with linens, available for an additional charge.


There is a member discount for this event.


Notes on our registration form:

**IT IS VERY IMPORTANT to book one "sleeping space" for each person in your party - queen beds excepted. **

Since our computer software has to be "fooled" to work for bed reservations rather than items for sale, we can only book one person at a time.  Make a reservation for one person, then click the "continue shopping" button and go back to make a second one person reservation for the next person, etc.

The execption to this is the Queen bed tents  which include $243.00 registration each for two, plus an additional $90.00 cost.  

When you check out you can use your credit card or print out your receipt and mail it with a check.

PLEASE use this reservation system as it helps the office stay more organized with who is coming and who has paid.  If you must mail a check, please do so right away.  Reservations not paid within a week may be released.

Private tents may not be available for this event due to high demand.

Tents with twin beds are normally double occupancy unless other arrangements are made in advance.

Price includes lodging, food, meeting spaces, pool, hot tub, wi-fi and parking.

Specific tents requested on reservation are not guaranteed, but we'll do our best to accommodate your wishes.  ALL TENTS ARE NON-SMOKING.  There is an outside deck designated for smoking.

For the Dietary Restrictions and Addtional Comments:  "None" is an acceptable answer if there are none.

No pets please, as is our usual policy.

Men's Weekend
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