November 30 - December 2, 2018 HAI Reservations

Please sign up for lodging only after you receive your confirmation from HAI that you are in the workshop.

To register for the event go to HAI Website.

All rooms are double occupancy in order to accommodate as many HAI guests as possible.

Room registration shows which room you prefer.  In order to accommodate everyone, room assignments may need to be changed by the HAI office.  If you have a special need for a certain room, please write it in the available text box during registration.

Occupancy tax of 12% will be added to all choices.

Check In Time is 2 pm.

If you have any questions about your room, your reservation, directions, parking, etc. please call the HAI office rather than the Wildwood office.  If you would like to book a night after the event you will need to contact the HAI office as well.


**IT IS VERY IMPORTANT to book one "sleeping space" for each person in your party. **


Since our computer software has to be "fooled" to work for reservations rather than items for sale, we can only book one person at a time.  Make a reservation for one person, then click the "continue shopping" button and go back to make a second one person reservation for the next person, etc.

If you have any questions while making your reservations, please call the HAI office for help.  (707-981-7886)



Guesthouse:  Small room with attached bath.  There are two extra long twin beds built in.  Odd numbered rooms face the gardens and even numbered rooms face the forest and may be quieter.


Lower Lodge:  Room 16 has shared bath a short distance from room door.  It has one double bed and one king bed.  Room 16 has shared bath located a few feet from the room door.  It has a double bed and a king bed.




Tent Cabins:The tent cabins have a canopy above a canvas room 10 feet x 10 fett.  It is equipped with a queen bed with bedding and towels, a light, and an electrical connection for CPAP, charging phones, etc.  Flashlights are recommended when staying in these areas.  Shared bath a short walk from the tent cabin.  The front porch becomes a nice place to sit and enjoy nature.


Tent on Platform:  A standup tent on its own wooden deck.  There are two extra long twin cots made up with sheets, pillow, and towels.  There is no electricity and no heat in the tents.  Numbered tents are in the upper grove just above the parking lot.  Lettered tents are in the lower grove just below the parking lot.  Flashlights are recommended for finding your way.  Tents are only available during the dry season (usually around April 15 to Nov 1)

Bedding Bundle:  Floor pad, sheets, blanket/sleeping bag, pillow, and towels rented for the weekend for those sleeping in the indoor sleeping space.  Not to be used outdoors.

Indoor camping:  Floor space in the yurt or workshop room as specified by the HAI office.

Self camp with your own tent:  There are a limited number of spaces in the flat area near the yurt.  There may be other places designated as needed.

To book rooms 15 and 16, please contact the HAI office.



If cancellation is necessary, please contact the HAI office at 707-981-7886 and they will inform Wildwood.  All reservations are non refundable.

Reservations cancelled before Friday 5 pm a week prior to your event will receive a 50% refund via a refund check issued by Wildwood.  Cancellations after that time will not be refunded.


IF YOU ARE OUTSIDE THE U.S.   Our web site only accepts addresses inside the U.S.  Just put our address or HAIs address in the address slot and then put your real address in the NOTES area.  That will let you go ahead and make the reservations you need.

November 30 - December 2, 2018 HAI Reservations
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