Thanksgiving Member Weekend - Nov 21-25, 2018

Male Members and their invited male guests only please.  $240 food charge, but lodging is free.  Member time to enjoy Wildwood, hike, create, share hobbies, fellowship with others interested in Wildwood, brainstorm, and/or.....??

Attendees are free to create their own workshops, massage, or discussion/brainstorming groups.  The meeting spaces will be available.

Food will be furnished but members may be asked to participate in preparation and cleanup of kitchen.

To keep the rates low and the record keeping simple, there will be no prorating of charges.  If you can only come for one day, the rate for the entire weekend is still due.  The rates are very low for Member weekends and are figured as a flat rate, all inclusive.  Thanks for your understanding and cooperation!

Guests will pay the event price plus $75.  If they decide to become a member during the event, the $75 wll be credited toward their membership donation.



**IT IS VERY IMPORTANT to book one "sleeping space" for each person in your party. **

Since our computer software has to be "fooled" to work for reservations rather than items for sale, we can only book one person at a time.  Make a reservation for one person, then click the "continue shopping" button and go back to make a second one person reservation for the next person, etc.

When you check out, you can pay for all the bookings at once.  You can use your credit card or print it out and send a check.

PLEASE use this reservation system as it helps the office stay more organized with who is coming and who has paid.  If you must mail a check, please do so right away.  Reservations not paid within a week may be released.

Private rooms will not be available for this event due to high demand.

Rooms are normally double occupancy unless other arrangements are made in advance.  Rooms 15 and 16 will hold 4 people per room, all other rooms and tents are two people per room.

Price includes lodging, food, meeting spaces, pool, hot tub and parking.

Specific Rooms and Tents requested on reservation are not guaranteed, but we'll do our best to accommodate your wishes.  ALL ROOMS ARE NON-SMOKING.  There is an outside deck designated for smoking.

For the Dietary Restrictions and Addtional Comments:  "None" is an acceptable answer if there are none.

Extra nights booked before and/or after the event will not offer programming but are intended for relaxation, hiking, meditation, etc.  Meals may be prepared by onsite volunteers, and guests are asked to help prepare before and cleanup after. Our kitchenette in the lodge is availablefor storage and cooking of your own food.

No pets please, as is our usual policy.

Thanksgiving Member Weekend - Nov 21-25, 2018
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